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Monday, 8 August 2011


- (b.1969 Seville, Spain)

Sculptor, Painter, and Designer .
Lives and works in London, United Kingdom

Surpassing mere portrayal of character, his portraits are epidermal. He has cultivated his art from childhood. Angel, of German and Italian descent on his father's side, begins to draw at age six. He told media that even as a student, he would portray to his schoolmates at the age of ten. He used the textbook pages to his drawings.
During age thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen, he does his first sculptures and enrolls at the age of fifteen years into The School of Applied Arts and Artistic Professions of Seville, later at The Faculty of Fine Arts Santa Isabel de Hungría at Seville University. He is a Professional Sculptor at the age of eighteen, with his own studio. He starts with artworks of high-quality religious character, also simultaneously working on other sculptural creations based on the nude as well as on drawings that speak in an erotic language.
He had already combined text and volumes in his works, so when he saw this trend at international art galleries, it didn't susprise him at all; he is constantly looking for new ways of expression in the art.
He is interested in all kinds of characters, formats and forms of expression, from figurative to the most refined forms and abstractions.

In 2000, he celebrates his marriage to the Painter and Sculptress Luccia Lignan.

Exhibits since 1995 (Seville and Madrid), 1996 (Jerez), 1998 (Barcelona), and Miami, Elite Fine Arts, Spaces in 1999 Geneva, FIA 2000 Venezuela, 2001 in Beziers (France), 2002 Los Angeles Art Show, 2003 Art Miami, 2004 Chicago (SOFA), 2005 Art Miami, 2006 Antares (among others)
Latest Exhibitions:
Exhibition Galerie Zero Arts, December-January 2006-2007, Stuttgart (Germany)
Form London, March 2007, London (United Kingdom)
Festival of Drawing, April-May 2007, AVA, London (United Kingdom)
Form London, February-March 2008, London (United Kingdom)
Upcoming Exhibition New York, London and Moscow
Contemporary Portraits, 2008 - Project Currently 

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Angel Rengell 
Angel Rengell, sculptor, painter and exceptional drawer, studies and purifies his lines until they reach their clearest expression; his nudes are a declared exaltation of te physical wish.-Eroticism is part of his complete philosophy.-His drawings establish a conception of skillfully represented lines, employing all expressive possibilities.
The seductive influence of the moon is a staple for his pearly feminine nudes in his paintings, drawings, or sculptures.- He adeptly combines the classical perfection of the form with his in-depth figure studies. An erotic perfume reigns in every one of his works, thanks to those attractive forms full of expression, motion, intensity, and carnal reality. As for his masculine nudes, they show great character, motion, expressive emotion, and they convince us of his profound knowledge of anatomy.
As a painter, his creations are beautiful, with a good understanding of color, thanks to his experience in drawing, and the balance he finds between truth and ideal. He cultivates the landscape and still lives with great sensuality. His portraits are executed both in painting and in sculpture, maintaining the freshness of a Greek bronze sculpture; his models are filled with beauty, expression, and energy.
As a sculptor, he begins with artworks of high-quality religious character, based on aesthetic ideals and spiritual balance. The physical beauty is amplified in the material world with grace, sweetness, and majesty. At the heart of his vision, an aesthetic ideal flows between the architectural and the monumental. He also simultaneously works on other sculptural creations based on the nude as well as on drawings that speak in an erotic language. A great sculptor of nudes and aesthete, this tireless artist is a designer too, beginning an important movement in Europe. 

Published by
NY Arts Magazine 473 Broadway, 7th fl
New York, NY 10013

(July/August 2008 print issue)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


"Portrait" . (Painting, 100 cm x 70 cm)

"Portrait" . (Drawing, 100 cm x 70 cm)

Sunday, 23 May 2010


Mr. Francisco Robles , Writer and Journalist, & Angel Rengell


"Portrait" . (Painting, 80 cm in diameter)

"Portrait" . (Drawing, 80 cm in diameter)

Sketch to PortraitFace Sketch to Portrait


"Lady of Seville"

"Lady of Seville". Srª. Dª. Dolores Pérez Blázquez
Portrait (Painting , 1.30 x 97 cm)

"Lady of Seville" . Srª. Dª. Dolores Pérez Blázquez
Portrait (Drawing, detail)

Sketch to Portrait

Hands Sketch to Portrait


Sr. D. Fernando de Artacho y LLoréns Portrait
81 cm x 70 cm

Sr. D. Fernando de Artacho y LLoréns Portrait
81 cm x 70 cm


SEVILLE APRIL FAIR 2009"Charm I" Angel Rengell

"Charm II" Angel Rengell